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SWTORcreditfinder.com is a SWTOR credit review site dedicated to finding you the best places to buy SWTOR credits. We review and rank TOR credit sites so you can buy game currency with knowledge. SWTOR Credit Reviews gets TOR credit reviews and information from customers and uses this information to rank sites.

How do I know they are good sites since Star Wars The Old Republic was just released you may ask? I have operated a wow gold review site (wowgoldfinder.com) for more than 6 years. While SWTOR is a different game many of the same companies are offering the same services for this game and where the game is so similar I expect performance will be the same. Price and supplies will probably be all over the place at the beginning, this is to be expected. The companies I list have been around for a long time and have a very good reputation for all of the online games they provide services for.

On this page, you will find links to top companies to buy TOR credits and powerleveling. Items in the game should prove to be very expensive, so many people will not want to spend their time farming. Many people earn credits the old fashioned way by spending a lot of time grinding what they need for mounts, repairs, mats, consumables and other things they need for the game. Many people choose to buy game currency from SWTOR credit sites so they do not have to waste time. Below I have a list of the best places to buy SWTOR credit and services.

Listings of the best places to buy SWTOR credit

TOP Ranked Sites to Buy SWTOR Credits!

I would not buy SWTOR currency or services from just anywhere. Finding good companies may be a hard thing to do, as was it was in WOW. I had complaints about many companies that had ripped players off in World of Warcraft so I had put together a list of the best places to buy gold for that game. The companies I list have been around for a long time and have very good reputations. Often does more than just sell SWTOR credits, they may offer power leveling services as well. Many people are uncomfortable purchasing powerleveling because of the risk of accounts being suspended or having accounts stolen. As the game has just opened we have not seen any abuse of that yet but some companies will take advantage of players, of that you can be sure. One of the reasons I do online game currency review sites is to help reduce the risk for people, by choosing trusted companies.

Please email me your reviews and feedback on these companies as I need this information to rank sites accordingly. If you wish to suggest other companies for me to look at please contact me.

Guy4game Offers a lot of services for online games, in TOR they sell credits and have powerleveling services.
This is the sister site of BankofWOW. This is a very solid company to buy credits for SWTOR and gold for other games.
MMOGA has been around for more than 8 years and sell game currency for many games. They offer very competitive prices and have a good reputation in the market.

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Apr 28th, 2014
Added MMOGA to one of the top 3 places to buy credits from and removed IGE.

May 25th 2013
Now that the expansion has been out for a little bit the price of credits has come down some.

April 14th marked the release of the expansion for SWTOR, credits have come down in price.

June 26th, 2012
Patch 1.3 was released with a lot of new content and a lot of new credit sinks added. As such the price of credits is continueing to increase.

May 8th 2012
The 1.2 patch has added a lot of content and because of this demand for credits is still very high. The price of credits in SWTOR has just started to go down. There is a lot more content to enjoy like new quests, tier gear, craftable items, OP, FP, WZ, etc.

April 12th 2012
Patch 1.2 was released with a lot of content added to the game. The price of credits has gone up a little bit because of the patch but not by much. The price for credits is still very low and as such it is still a good time to buy credits. Be aware though that prices could spike as demand goes up so close after a patch.

Mar 16th 2012
The price on SWTOR credits continues to drop and you can now get a million credits for under 10 bucks with some companies. As usual be careful who you buy TOR credits from. Never buy from in game spamers as that is a good way to have your account stolen or just lose your money.

Feb 8th 2012
The price on SWTOR credits has dropped an incredible amount in just over a month, I expect it will start to even out some.

Dec 13th, 2011:
The game has just come online for some people and more people are being let in by the day. I expect that the supply of credits maybe a little low at the beginning as it will take a few weeks if not months for price and supply to get where it should.

SWTOR Credit Coupons Available On SWTORCreditReviews!

I have contacted the SWTOR credit companies I have ranked as being the best and they have provided me with SWTOR credit promo codes I can list on my site. Save 5-15% when you buy SWTOR credit with the above coupons, it may not sound like a lot but every cent maters.


I am looking for feedback so I can rank or remove any company that is not acting responsibly from my list. I am very unhappy with the behavior of some sites and will not display sites that spam in game or get currency from accounts using key loggers. It is one thing to buy wow credit but another thing to buy it from sites that are directly hurting players. Please email me if you wish to leave a review on any SWTOR credit site.

If you have any suggestions on sites I should add, please let me know. Hopefully, I can do my part to allow you to have a better gaming experience. Feel free to link this page to your web site.

Listing of the best places to buy TOR credit from.

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