SWTOR Credit Reviews of IGE.com.  This credit seller sells TOR credit at a very good price, see review below.

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SWTOR Credit Review on IGE

Sample Price on 1,000,000 Credits:
Republic: $21.17
Empire: $21.17

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The Good about IGE:

IGE is the oldest and largest MMORPG credit selling company on the internet(good stability).

They have very competitive prices with online currecy however prices on TOR credits are not currently known.

IGE has by far the most payment options I have seen any credit seller have to this point and they have a very good FAQ about what they take for payment.

Customer support is very good, they have live chat and email support. They use to list a phone number but it is not listed currently.

The Bad about IGE:

It would be nice if they had a phone number but they do have email and live chat support.

I received in game spam to go to IGE to buy credit about 4 years ago now, but I am happy to say that this is the only bad experience I have had. This happened long ago before the company changed management and now they actively do not endorse such behavior. All complaints I had received about this company were from long ago.


IGE should be a very good place to buy SWTOR credits. This company is one of the best companies out there and I highly recommend using them for your next credit purchase.

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